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You don’t die – you just change channels!

  • You Don't Die Front Cover - Final_72ppiWhen I tell you I am 94 years old, you may think that I’m either nuts or a dreamer to think that I can accomplish all that at an age when some people don’t want to commit themselves to buying green bananas.
  • Today, as I write these words, we’re seeing a great deal of conflict between black and white people in communities throughout the United States. This must end, because God created us all to be equal, and if we respect God we will make sure that this is the way we behave as human beings.
  • We are all responsible for our own attitudes and behavior, so when we make poor choices and bad things happen, we can’t blame God.
  • It’s easy to subscribe to the concept that we should love everyone, but it may be difficult to put into practice, particularly if the people you are supposed to love are not like you, and may not share the same values that you have.
  • It is important to understand that scientists are trained to speak in terms of ‘theories,’ which are carefully considered interpretations of observable facts. As they accumulate more facts, scientists modify the theories or propose new ones.
  • Another subject that relates to our lives on this earth is what happens after we die. As you can see by the title of this book, I believe that we ‘change channels’ and in that sense, we don’t die – our souls merely revert back to the spirit world where it appears we may have been in existence before we were born on this earth.
  • Well, where does this leave me? I give Life Eternal a 99% chance of being a reality. In a few years after I cross over, I will know if my common sense analysis is correct.
  • No matter how old I get, I continue to take His magnificent creation for granted. It is truly a miracle.