About Chuck Swartwout

2015-Chuck Swartwout photoSmSqAn MIT-trained electrical engineer, Chuck Swartwout is now retired and living in Sedona, Arizona, where he wakes up every morning to an expansive sunrise and sprawling view of red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests. The scenery is enough to inspire anyone to write a book about God’s creation – and in a sense, that is exactly what Chuck Swartwout has done.

You Don't Die Front Cover - Final_72ppiAfter his wife of 54 years died, Swartwout decided that he had to find out more about the Afterlife, and began three years of extensive research on Heaven and the Spirit World. The result was the first major book he has written, You Don’t Die – You Just Change Channels! that was such an inspiration and enjoyable task that Swartwout hopes to write one or two more books in the near future.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Swartwout earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering in 1942 from the Case School of Engineering, and five years later earned a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

During World War II Swartwout worked at the Radiation Laboratory at MIT on the design and testing of radar, servo-operated, automatic-tracking, gun-laying systems. As a civilian, he was in charge of flight testing for the Radiation Laboratory of a complex radar system used in the P-61 Night Fighter aircraft. This program was jointly administered by the Radiation Laboratory and the US Air Force.

After the war, for many years Chuck Swartwout and his brother, Ken owned and operated Swartwout Productions, acknowledged by Control Engineering magazine as the first developer in the world of an all-electronic control system for the oil refining and process industries.

Later on Swartwout Productions became active as a producer of sponsored films and TV commercials. These productions won many national and International awards. Chuck was privileged to direct celebrities -Jimmy Stewart, Dick Van Dyke, Kirk Douglas, and Lowell Thomas.

In 2005 his company earned the status of being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the producer of the world’s longest running TV commercial (in which a little old lady throws a tire through the plate glass window of a Discount Tire store).

Also a musician, Swartwout studied piano, pipe organ, saxophone, music composition, and singing. Today he sings in his church choir and composes classical music.

After moving to Sedona, Swartwout became a member of the first elected City Council, when Sedona incorporated as a city. He served on the City Council for six years, ending his term as vice-mayor.  He also served as vice-chairman of the Sedona Forum, a community think tank.

The author has lived in Ohio and Massachusetts as well as Arizona and has travelled to England and most of the European countries and to China, Australia, New Zealand, and Columbia. When not writing or travelling, Swartwout enjoys spending time with his four children, 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandson

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